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Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 4th China Film Festival

Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture,

Members of Parliament,

Permanent Secretaries and other government officials,

H.E. Jorge Alfonzo Guerrero Veloz,Dean of the Diplomatic corps and my colleagues from the Diplomatic corps,

Ladies and gentleman,

Good Evening,

Welcome to the opening ceremony of the 4th China Film Festival. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for joining us to enjoy the Chinese film “Xuan Zang” tonight at Excel Plaza.

Civilizations always become richer and more colorful through exchanges and mutual learning from each other. Such exchanges and mutual learning form an important drive for human progress as well as global peace and development. Cultural events, such as this Film Festival, enable direct exchanges and dialogues among civilizations and peoples.

Film speaks a universal language. It has meaning and relevance for all peoples, regardless of their national, cultural or social backgrounds. Film, as one popular means of modern art, breaks the barriers of peoples, underscoring the values, feelings and longings that are shared by human beings.

Film is an important carrier to reproduce life and reflect the times. In recent years, China’s film industry has flourished, more and more outstanding Chinese films appear in international film festivals’ award list. The films chosen for this year’s China Film Festival, not only reflect the originality of Chinese film, but also reflect the unique development of contemporary China. The Grenadian audience will have the opportunity to watch some well selected Chinese films with wide range of themes and styles. People will have a taste of China's glorious history and rich culture and feel the dynamics of contemporary China.

I hope that this Film Festival will continue to be a window for Grenadian friends to understand the Chinese customs, history, culture and social development. I look forward to more cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Grenada in the future.

Tonight, we will appreciate a very popular film in China “Xuan Zang”. This film tells the story of a young Buddhist monk in Tang Dynasty who overcame countless hardships and disasters and facilitated the cultural exchange between the East and the West at that time. Xuan Zang is an extraordinary envoy promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries. I hope that the audience here today could have a perception of this glorious history through transcending time and space. In the future, the Chinese Embassy will hold more cultural activities, which can help to set up a China-Grenadian friendship bridge and create better conditions for deepening our bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Once again, I thank you all for being here with us tonight, and I wish you a wonderful evening.

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