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China's Courage, Strength and Spirit

  By Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, H.E. Dr.Zhao Yongchen

  Faced with the sudden strike of COVID-19, the Chinese government and people have made arduous efforts to fight against and curb the spread of the epidemic, achieving effective control and demonstrating notable courage, power, and spirit.

  China's fight against the epidemic once again shows the world China 's courage.

  Fearless and not afraid of sacrifice, the Chinese people were closely united and formed a majestic force to fight the epidemic. Under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, medical teams with more than 40,000 doctors and nurses from all over the countries quickly assembled to support Wuhan City and Hubei Province. Together with the medical teams in Hubei, they worked day and night, showcasing noble spirit of life-saving and benevolence; the People's Liberation Army acted on order to assist Hubei with the single will to win the fight against COVID-19; police officers, devoted to their duties, spared no efforts in safeguarding people’s life and property and social stability; volunteers fully illustrated the definition of fraternity with dedication and actions. The Chinese people, united as one, dared to face the challenge, and to pursue the ultimate victory over the epidemic, fully showcasing China's courage.

  China's fight against the epidemic once again shows the world China 's strength.

  The Chinese government demonstrated outstanding leadership. Since the outbreak, the Chinese government with President Xi Jinping at the core attached great importance, made rapid deployment, comprehensively strengthened the centralized and unified leadership of CPC Central Committee over the epidemic prevention and control, and won the strategic initiative in the fight against the epidemic. President Xi, as the core of the Central Committee and the core of the Party, has been concerned for people’s health and safety, the situation of the epidemic and the progress of the prevention and control of the epidemic all the time. He has been personally commanding and deploying the battle against epidemic. With great political courage and sense of responsibility, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council played a mainstay role in the fight against the epidemic, strengthened the confidence of the entire Party and the nation to overcome the epidemic, and consolidated the powerful forces of all sources.

  All sectors of society showed strong social mobilization ability. The raging epidemic tested China's ability to mobilize the entire population. Every sector, every front, every area, and even every village and everyone responded positively to national mobilization, engaging in an emergency state and shouldering responsibilities with the spirit of team work and full cooperation. Under the unified national coordination, the People's Liberation Army and medical teams with medical supplies rushed to the rescue continuously, a clear interpretation of great advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and strong social mobilization ability.

  China’s social system and mechanism demonstrated sound management on emergency and public health crisis. Since the outbreak, the Chinese government has been putting people’s life first, prioritized the task of epidemic prevention and control, and made timely decision to mobilize and deploy. Since China's response to the SARS in 2003, a public health emergency management system has been constantly advanced and developed, including a major epidemic prevention and control system, a press release system, and emergency manpower and material deployment system. Meanwhile, a series of laws and regulations including Communicable Disease Prevention Act, Emergency Response Law, Public Health Emergency Regulations have been formulated and optimized, providing a basis for the response to public health emergencies. These institutional mechanisms, laws and regulations played a significant role in the battle against the epidemic and provided policy and legal support for the effective prevention and control of the epidemic. China's ability to respond to emergency and manage public health crisis has been well tested and proved.

  The Chinese people demonstrated their national cohesion, in this war of epidemic prevention and control. People in Wuhan and Hubei joined in the anti-epidemic battle, with heroic deeds. President Xi Jinping commended: “Wuhan is a heroic city, the people of Hubei and Wuhan are heroes. ” The whole nation quickly mobilized with the same heart and soul, to support Wuhan in the war against the epidemic. Whatever needed in the epicenter would be provided timely, highlighting the awareness of the overall situation and national cohesion. In the time of national crisis, medical personnel and people from all walks of life came forward, fearless of sacrifice. People at home and abroad have enthusiastically made generous donations. Physical distance could never cut off the feelings of compatriots. In this great war against the epidemic, the powerful cohesion of the Chinese nation has been unprecedentedly demonstrated!

  State governance shows strong infrastructure construction and production capability. Since the outbreak, the Chinese government has taken decisive measures according to the situation, and the Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital were completed in just ten days respectively. The state's unified allocation of important materials and the establishment of "green channel" for transportation ensured the supply of medical and living materials in key areas. In the face of such a catastrophic disaster, the ability to ensure timely and sufficient medical aid and supplies was attributed to the solid material and technology capability and strong industrial production accumulated since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, especially during the 40 years of reform and opening up.

  The joint fight against the epidemic demonstrated strong international cooperation. Since the outbreak, China's efforts to fight the epidemic have also won widespread praise and support from the international community. Many international organizations and countries assisted China with epidemic prevention and control materials through various channels. Several heads of state and government leaders sent messages of empathy and solidarity for China's fight against the epidemic. China has been deepening international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control. In the principle of openness and transparency, China has informed all relevant parties of the epidemic situation in a timely manner, shared its experience in epidemic prevention, and worked closely with the World Health Organization, neighboring countries and relevant countries to promote the construction of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind. The efforts have won objective recognition from the international community.

  China's fight against the epidemic once again shows the world China 's spirit.

  The Chinese people fought in unity with universal fraternity, with the "strongest voice" of the Chinese spirit been heard. In the face of the epidemic, the Chinese people have always been united with the belief of ultimate victory. The whole nation on all fronts and in all areas came together in a powerful force to fight the epidemic. Mr. Guterres, UN Secretary-General, praised the Chinese people for their "contribution to all mankind". This contribution is made with the solidarity, optimism and tenacity of the Chinese people, which bring them together into a powerful synergy, playing the "strongest voice" of the Chinese spirit.

  Fight in a scientific way against the epidemic is the theme of the Chinese spirit. Science is the most effective weapon, and the rule of law is the most powerful guarantee. Only by relying on science, can we fight against the disease correctly. Facing with the unknown, infectious and fatal COVID-19, Chinese scientists and researchers tackled the difficulties in the fastest time. They completed basic scientific research work such as virus genome sequencing and virus strain isolation, submitted the new coronavirus genome sequence information to the World Health Organization immediately, and shared relevant data with international counterparts, providing the basis for decision-making for scientific prevention and control of epidemics and research and development of drugs and vaccine, and winning widespread praise from international counterparts. Chinese scientists and researchers have worked arduously and achieved positive results, which have greatly promoted a crucial victory in the fight against epidemics. Only by adhering to the rule of law, focusing on the rule of law, and strengthening the rule of law can we effectively curb the spread of the epidemic. All parts of China adhered to rule of law in epidemic control. The introduction of local regulation provided a legal basis for the implementation of the most stringent epidemic prevention and control. The application of “grid management”, mandatory measures, accountability, society-wide prevention entailed law-abiding emergency response initiative. In short, only in the spirit of seeking truth from facts and in accordance with laws and regulations in the fight against the epidemic can we eliminate all kinds of rumors, ignorance and panic in the war. The Chinese people will eventually win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic in a scientific way.

  “Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the CPC Central Committee has placed the priority on people’s safety and physical health of the people are the priority. The first consideration of all prevention and control measures taken by the CPC Central Committee was to try the best to prevent more people from being infected and to the greatest extent possible save more lives." This fully demonstrates the governance concept of “people-oriented, life-oriented” adhered by CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping as its core to the concept of governance. In this war against epidemic the Chinese government always put people at the highest priority and serving the people wholeheartedly as the starting point and goal. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, people across China united as one, composed a song of “courage, mutual help and fearlessness”, a clear illustration of a "people-oriented, life-oriented" concept. A brand-new look and the humanitarianism spirit of China are thoroughly demonstrated to the world.

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