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Medical Equipment Donation

The Embassy of The People's Republic of China, in continuance of friendly bilateral relations and good wishes, on May 19th,2016 handed over medical equipment to the Ministry of Health in Grenada. The medical equipment includes Beds, surgical instruments, and other items that will benefit the operating room, emergency room, and admission room.

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Grenada, Madame Ou Boqian made the donation on behalf the Chinese government. Receiving the donations were, Grenada's Minister of Health Honorable Nicholas Steele and Grenada's Foreign Affairs Minister, Honorable Clarice Modeste - Curwen.

Ambassador Ou Boqian said it's great pleasure that the Chinese Embassy is able to donate this much-needed medical equipment to the Ministry of Health. The People's Republic of China would continue to provide assistance to Grenada and special training would be given to students in the medical field, as well as other civil servants. These items will increase the Ministry of Health's capacity to provide quality health care to their people on a day-to-day basis. The medical equipment will help to provide a higher quality of care for patients, equipping health care providers with quality resources to deliver essential services.

Honorable Steele expressed thanks for China's generosity and thanked Her Excellency Ou Boqian for her hard-work in making this donation possible. He stated that the equipment received were really needed by the hospital, and now that the equipment has been received, the hospital can advance its services offered to the public in terms of medical attention.

Honorable Clarice Modeste - Curwen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, commended the Chinese Embassy for the donation. In her remarks, she said the donation will allow the government and medical practitioners to work more effectively to achieve sustainability of critical life saving advances in public health. In closing she said she thanked the people's Republic of China for in aids like this and said the government of Grenada would continue to co-operate with the Chinese government, to further enhance their bilateral relations.





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