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China-Grenada Economic Relations

Since China and Grenada resumed diplomatic relationship in 2005, non-reimbursable assistance is the main form of bilateral cooperation between two countries. The past 13 years witnessed the implementation of such projects like Grenadian National Stadium Maintenance and Expansion Project, National Track-Field Stadium Reconstruction Project, and Low-Income Housing Project. Besides, China provided technological aids in the field of medicare, agriculture, and stadium maintenance. The undergoing projects include second phase of Low-Income Housing project, Concession Loan for Capital Airport Updating Project and Agricultural Technological Cooperation Project.

[Bilateral Trade] With low starting point, the bilateral trade retain a small volume. According to statistics from Chinese Customs, the bilateral trade volume in 2017 was US$10.65million, rise by 36.35% compared to the same period the year before. Export from China to Grenada amounted to US$10.64 million, rise by 36.27% compared to the same period the year before. Import from Grenada totaled US$10,712, and the number in 2016 was 3,544.

[Investment in Grenada]According to statistics from MOFCOM, up to 2016, stocking volume of direct investment from China to Grenada was US$23.77 million. The established Chinese enterprises in Grenada generally deals in construction contracting, decorative materials, agricultural and sideline products´╝îcatering, hardware retail and supermarket. Competitiveness is low in manufacturing industry, but high in catering and supermarket due to price, flavor and market demand.

[Labor contracting]. In 2016, Chinese enterprises signed into three contracting projects totaling US$2.34 million, with sales volume of US$14.43 million. In 2016, China dispatched 7 workers, with the total number of Chinese workers in Grenada at the end of 2016 amounting to 23.

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