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China-Aid Human-Resource Training Program

Since 2005 when China and Grenada resumed diplomatic relationship, China provided aided training of human resources, including short-term training programs and degree programs, covering various fields of economy, management, finance, IT, agriculture, medicine, education, etc.

Department of Public Administration(DPA) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Grenada and is responsible for preliminary screening of short-term training programs. After receiving the application documents, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese embassy will take over preparatory tasks, namely to hold interviews, issue invitation letters, apply for visas and book tickets for participants.

Since 2015, China Aid Human-Resources Training Program has made significant breakthrough in Grenada. In 2015, bilateral short-term training programs and master & doctor degree programs were initiated for Grenada; in 2017, first overseas bilateral short-term training program was launched in Grenada. Meanwhile, the annual number of trainees increased from 45 before 2005 to 454 in 2017, with the total number of trainees amounting to over 1000, over 1% of Grenada’s population.

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