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  Nine More Grenadians Awarded Scholarship from China in 2019

  On September 12, H.E. Dr. Zhao Yongchen, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, attended the second Scholarship Awarding Ceremony held by the Grenadian government. Hon. Pamela Moses, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs, with responsibility for Tertiary Education, Skills Development and Education Outreach, Ms. Tarlisha Noel and Mr. David Twum-Barimah, Assistant Dean of Students, St. George’s University, and Grenadian students who are awarded scholarships in 2019 from the Chinese government, St. George’s University and the University of the West Indies attended the ceremony.

  For the academic year of 2019/2020, nine Grenadian students are awarded China MOFCOM Scholarship to pursue their master’s degree in the major of business administration, communication, software engineering, accounting, environment engineering, education, law, agriculture, and telecommunication. Last month, ten Grenadian students were awarded Chinese Government Scholarship and have departed for China .

  In his speech at the ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Zhao Yongchen extended congratulations to the awardees. He said that, since 2005, 200 Grenadian students had studied in China sponsored by the Chinese government. Over 1800 Grenadians had attended seminars or short term training courses in China. Aside from human resources capacity building, the Chinese government also assisted Grenada in many projects including the Low-Income Housing Project and Agricultural Tehcnical Cooperation Project. China’s assistance to Grenada, as well as to other developing countries in the world, showcased the international responsibilities of China as a major country in the world and the sincere aspiration to build a community of shared future for mankind. He hoped that the awardees could treausure this opportunity, study hard and achieve acdemic excellence so that they can make contribution to Grenada's economic and social development after graduation. Meanwhile, they were encouraged to visit different parts of China during their spare time, experience Chinese culture, understand China’s history, witness China's development model and social governance, and become envoys of friendship and cooperation between China and Grenada.

  Hon. Minister Pamela Moses expressed her sincere appreciation to the Chinese government. She said that ordinary families were not able to afford the cost of studying in China. With the schorlarship provided by the Chinese government, the Grenadian students could have the opportunity. She urged the awardees to be grateful, cherish the opportunity, study hard and contribute to the development of Grenada after return. She also mentioned that, in addition to the strong support for education, the Chinese government also made great contributions to the welfare of Grendian people. The Low-Income Housing Project brought shelter to the Grenadian people and the Agricultural Project brought food.

  Representitive of the Awardees also expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government.

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