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Chinese Embassy Donates Books to Grenada

On November 12, a Book Donation Ceremony was held in the Ministry of Education. H.E. Dr. Zhao Yongchen, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Grenada, Hon. Pamela Moses, Minister for Education, Human Resource Development & Religious Affairs, with responsibility for Tertiary Education Skill Development & Education Outreach, representative teachers and students attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Dr. Zhao Yongchen presented 1230 sets of books, 10,000 soft-copy notebooks and 1000 hard-copy notebooks to Grenada, with the total value of EC$ 40,000. The recipients are supposed to cover primary and secondary schools in 15 constituencies, including the sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

In his speech, Dr. Zhao Yongzhen said that education is the cornerstone of national development and progress. China and Grenada have always attached importance to education. Education is a highlight of cooperation between the two countries. Each year, China provides many opportunities of short-term training and scholarship to Grenadians. The donated books are intended to improve the teaching conditions of the primary and secondary schools and further promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries. China is willing to deepen educational exchanges and cooperation with Grenada, provide support and assistance within its ability, and promote a higher level of development in education.

Minister Pamela Moses said that education is a key area of concern for the government, and she is very grateful to China for its selfless help to Grenada in the field of not only education, but also housing and other aspects of social development. The donated books are very valuable teaching resources, and the wide coverage of the national primary and secondary schools will greatly promote the development of basic education. She is looking forward to further strengthening education cooperation and creating a better future for the two countries.

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