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Ambassador Ou Boqian gave a presentation on Chinese Tea Culture at TAMCC


On the morning of March 21st, Chinese Ambassador H.E.Mme Ou Boqian was invited by T.A.Marryshow Community College to give a presentation on Chinese Tea Culture to an open class of about 80 students and teachers.


Ambassador Ou prepared a well-conceived PPT with informative contents and vivid pictures. She started the presentation with the myth of "Shen Nong", also known as the "Holy Farmer", who discovered the medicinal virtues of plants. She explained to the teachers and students how the tea had evolved into a daily drink of Chinese people along with the dynasty changes. Ambassador Ou also explained the production methods, detailed classification, different brewing way and medicinal value of tea with tea ceremony, which aroused keen interest of the present teachers and students.


The present atmosphere was warm and active, and the teachers and students listened attentively to the lecture and sent spontaneous bursts of applause. After the presentation, the students came forward to watch and taste the different kinds of tea, showing their love for Chinese Tea Culture. They also had further discussion about interested questions.


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