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Ambassador Zhao Yongchen had an Interview On WeeFM

On October 31st, Chinese Ambassador to Grenada H.E. Dr.Zhao Yongchen had an interviewed on Wee FM. In the interview,Ambassador Zhao briefed the public on the significance of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new visions, new ideas and new strategies for future developments of China set by the 19th National Congress as well as plans and initiatives of foreign policy of Xi Jiping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era.

Ambassador Zhao said China adheres to an independent foreign policy of peace. China’s major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in a new era aims to foster a new type of international relations featuring mutual trust, fairness, justiceand win-win results and to build a community with a shared future for mankind. China will make new contributions to peace and development, providing new driving force into the development of relations between China and the other countries.He said, Grenada is a good friend and partner of China in the Caribbean and the Chinese Embassy in Grenada is willing to make joint efforts with Grenadians from all walks of life to promote greater bilateral friendly cooperation.

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