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Special Loan Program for China-Latin America Infrastructure Project

Introduction of the Special Loan Program for China-Latin America Infrastructure Project

1. Program Overview

The Special Loan Program for China-Latin America Infrastructure Project offers a total credit of 20 billion USD and is operated by China Development Bank (CDB).

Loans granted through the special program will be used to support Chinese enterprises conducting infrastructure (e.g. energy, roads, telecommunications, ports, logistics, electricity, mining and agriculture) building projects in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The loans are of a commercial nature and will be operated based on market interest rates, with the termsand conditions determined on a case-by-case basis.

2. The Application Process

(1) Project development and loan application

Project development may be conducted by the host country government or local enterprises jointly with the Chinese enterprises. A formal application should be submitted to China Development Bank, enclosing relevant project information, including but not limited to the borrower, total investment, amount of the loan proposed, financial status of the borrower or shareholder(s) of the project company, project financing structure, term and purpose of the loan, method of repayment and guarantee, project timetable and contact information.

(2) Loan Processing

Upon receiving the application, China Development Bank will first conduct a preliminary review of the project. Successful applicants passing the preliminary review will be contacted directly regarding due diligence and credit appraisal arrangements, and the credit appraisal report will be submitted to the CDB Credit Committee. Subject to the approval of the Credit Committee, the CDB will engage in loan agreement negotiations with the borrower and sign the loan agreement.

3. Contact Information

Global Cooperation Department, China Development Bank

Add: No. 18 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Beijing, China

Liaisons: BAI Lu, WU Yang

Email: bailu@cdb.cn , wu_yang@cdb.cn

Tel: +86(10)88309363, +86(10)88308339

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